3.4 Reflection of the University Council

The University Council noted with interest what was included in the annual report on the Quality Agreements, and it discussed this at length with the EB during the University Council meeting on June 2.  

The University Council is pleased to note that the agreed-upon measures are being energetically implemented by the Schools, despite the impact of COVID-19. In addition, the representative bodies in the Schools are satisfied with how and to what extent they are involved. In our conversations with the parties in the Schools, we have heard that they feel adequately heard by the School Board. In this regard, the NPO funds played an important role in absorbing the negative effects of the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has brought the aspect of digitalization into high gear within the Quality Agreements. For this reason, considerable progress has been achieved in this field (out of necessity). Within the context of digitalization, the EB has also included in its strategy efforts to develop an educational environment in which Blended Learning is the standard. The University Council is of the opinion that the EB is taking good steps in this regard within the framework of digitalization. 

The University Council appreciates the active manner in which the EB connects efforts invested in the Quality Agreements to the ambitions established in the strategy toward 2027. The Board advises the EB to continue its activity in this regard and, to that end, requests that it continue and optimize its commitment to further educational innovation and digitalization. The Council was also able to express its views to the EB during the discussion of the budget, as well as in an informal setting outside of that discussion. 

The Quality Agreements were introduced in 2015 as a consequence of the discontinuation of the basic student grant. The money that was freed up by its discontinuation was supposed to go to improving the quality of education. One important aspect in this regard is that these investments should be noticeable to students. For this reason, the University Council considers it important for the EB to remain in constant dialogue with the representative bodies to ensure that the funds from the Quality Agreements continue to benefit the educational climate of the student. 

The University Council wishes the Schools and the EB good luck with the further implementation of the Quality Agreements, and it looks forward to a broader evaluation in the future.