Learning from corona

Wim van de Donk, rector magnificus and chairman of the Executive Board, gave a speech on January 8 to VNO-NCW Midden Brabant and the Bedrijven Overleg Regio Tilburg BORT. He pointed out the consequences of corona that affect us all, but from which – as in the past – important lessons can be learned from which hopeful renewal can emerge.

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Tilburg University AI Special Interest Group was established

At Tilburg University, a wide variety of scientists from all schools is involved in AI. In order to map and provide insight into what we do and what we are good at, TAISIG was established. This new initiative brings together all of Tilburg University's AI activities.

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Tilburg University has been awarded an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027

Obtaining an ECHE is a prerequisite to participation in the Erasmus program, which includes: student and staff mobility and cooperation for innovation and good practices.

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Expert team led by Jan Fransoo advises RIVM on logistics of vaccination process

This is an advice to the RIVM, the relevant ministries, general practitioner organizations and the Municipal Health Centres (GGD). The aim is to help make sure that vaccination can proceed optimally in terms of logistics.

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Tilburg University collaborates with United Nations humanitarian department

The collaboration is in the field of information management. The agreement between TiSEM and the UN organization, which is responsible for, among other things, the coordination of emergency aid after disasters, was digitally signed on Wednesday, Februari 17.

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Tilburg scientists explain elections

The elections are over, what do the results mean for our country? Tilburg University offers an election page in which researchers and students interpret various themes that are at stake in the formation.

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Universities in the Netherlands present alternative Student Cabinet

Not a coalition agreement to last for four years, but a long-term plan, based on scientific knowledge. The universities in the Netherlands have presented an alternative coalition agreement. Fourteen students form the first Dutch Student Cabinet and each represent a Minister’s portfolio with a suitable plan for the future of the Netherlands.

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National day of action: proper scientific education, sustainably provided, costs money

Dutch universities educate the people whom we need to meet the challenges of our time. Unfortunately, our universities are struggling due to being structurally underfunded. Therefore April 6 is the national day of action to address these issues.

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Queen Máxima pays online working visit to StudentinzetopSchool

Her Majesty Queen Máxima of the Netherlands pays an online working visit to the national platform of StudentinzetopSchool on Tuesday afternoon, April 13. The platform deploys students from higher education to lend a helping hand to pupils in their final year of secondary education and their teachers in corona times.

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The New Common exceeds 10,000 downloads globally

Since early April 2021, the book The New Common. How the Covid-19 Pandemic Is Transforming Society has been available at Springer’s, the international science publishing house. After only two weeks the book has been downloaded well over 10,000 times globally.

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Wietske van Zwol new Managing Director of TSB

Effective May 1, 2021, she succeeds Hans-Georg van Liempd, who now holds the position of Secretary of the University. Wietske joined Tilburg University in 2001 as a policy advisor, controller, and team leader and, for some time, has held the position of School Director ad interim.

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Tilburg University student speaks at closing session of major UN conference

Olaf Steenbergen, Information Management student at Tilburg University, addressed the humanitarian community during the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks 2021. At this conference, organized by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the international community comes together to discuss a variety of topics related to international relief and disaster response.

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TiSEM and Asset conclude recruitment agreement with Unilever

On May 11, the agreement was signed. It will take effect - retroactively - on September 1, 2020. Thanks to this agreement, a long-term and efficient collaboration is formed between Unilever and all parties within TiSEM and Asset engaged in preparation for the job market.

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Zero Hunger Lab works on Zero Food Waste

Under the Farm to Fork Strategy of the EU’s Horizon 2020 instrument, the European Commission has awarded € 12 million to the research program ZeroW: Systemic Innovations Towards a Zero Food Waste Supply Chain. A consortium of 43 parties, one of which is Tilburg University, is poised to study how food waste in the food chain can be drastically reduced.

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Next step in program Recognition & Rewards: Outcomes dialogue sessions are input for policy development

Tilburg University actively contributes to the national movement to achieve both a system and a cultural change that leads to a more equal appreciation of this diversity of talents. The Tilburg University Committee Recognition & Rewards has entered into a dialogue with the academic community. The sessions produced many suggestions for concrete solutions.

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Congratulations EDUiLAB Innovation Room

This initiative has won the EUNIS AV Award in the category of Best AV-enabled Multifunction Educational Space. In January 2021, EDUiLAB’s Innovation Room was completed on the Tilburg University campus. EDUiLAB’s Innovation Room is the place where education and innovation converge at Tilburg University.

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Tilburg students apply their research skills working with Pride Amsterdam

Be who you are and love who you want: diversity and inclusion are of paramount importance to Pride Amsterdam. Students in the major Work and Organizational Psychology also delve into these themes. During the course Diversity and Inclusion at Work a group of third-year students applied their skills in data collection and interviews by asking 45 Canal Parade participants about their perception of Pride Amsterdam.

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Welcome (back) on campus!

We get to go to campus again! Study, sport, meet each other, work and more. Students and lecturers share what it's like to be back on campus. We are happy to see everyone again!

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University Council reflects on 50th anniversary

During the last University Council meeting of this academic year, on July 8, 2021, the Council reflected on fifty years of employee and student participation. On Friday, June 25, 1971, the predecessor was installed of what is now the University Council (then called Hogeschoolraad). Before employees and students were allowed to co-determine the university’s course, all power was vested in the Governing Board and the Senate.

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Henk Witte deputy dean of TST as of August 1

TST is pleased to announce that the Executive Board of Tilburg University has found a new replacement dean for TST for the period August 1, 2021 - September 1, 2022. Henk Witte has accepted this assignment.

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Statement after ruling in lawsuit against former dean TSHD

On April 15, 2016, Tilburg University filed charges against former dean of the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences on the suspicions of financial fraud. On August 2, 2021, the Amsterdam District Court handed down its judgment and sentenced the former dean for, among other things, forgery and 180 hours of community service.

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New educational building at Meerkoldreef

At the start of the new academic year in September, the new educational building at Meerkoldreef (MD) will be opened. The acquisition of this building, that used to belong to Fontys, offers Tilburg University temporary extra capacity for education as well as additional workstations until the new on-campus building at Warandelaan is realized.

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Winners Teacher of the Year, Impact Award and Dean's Den Pitch

During the celebration of the Opening of the Academic Year 2021 on August 30 in the auditorium, several awards were presented. The Impact Award for research with societal relevance, was bestowed on the team of Professor Max Louwerse of Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences for the project SpaceBuzz. The winner of the Teacher of the Year award is Tila Pronk of Social Psychology of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. And student Alp Kirec, also from this school, received the award for the best pitch in the Dean's Den for the Strategic Plan.

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Statement after message access colleges

A message has appeared in various media outlets from one of TLS's lecturers regarding access to lectures in connection with corona measures. This is an internal message to students, sent in a personal capacity and stemming from genuine concern for the health of vulnerable students. Tilburg University wishes to emphasize that it follows the national government policy regarding access to our education and is in discussion with the lecturer in question.

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Statement on accommodation of international students

The university does not own any student accommodation, but of course feels a sense of responsibility for the accommodation of its students. We understand all worries and questions concerning the accommodation, in particular of international students. For that reason, we try to inform students all well as we can and help find temporary and other solutions. We are making every effort, together with accommodation partners, to support students in finding a place to stay.

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Wopke Hoeksta refers to Tilburg theology at presentation of Miljoenennota

During the presentation of the Budget Memorandum on Prinsjesdag, outgoing Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra spoke about the importance of humanities and social sciences. He referred to people who do not act according to economic or self-interest. Hoekstra quoted theologian Paul van Geest (TST) on man as homo cooperans rather than homo economicus.

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SDG Action Day: Tilburg University contribute to Sustainable Development Goals

On September 24 & 25 the SDG Action Day took place for the sixth time. In addition to raising the SDG Action Day flag, these days we gave attention to various research that contribute to the SDGs. Tilburg University is committed to a sustainable society and encourages researchers, teachers, support staff, students, and stakeholders to actively contribute.

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Universities take nationwide action against threat to scientists

Scientists are increasingly facing threats, intimidation and hate reactions in response to media and other public appearances. The Association of Universities (VSNU) is now taking a number of national measures that should be of support to every university and employee.

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Open Access Week

During the Open Acces Week (October 25-31) NWO announced that three research projects of Tilburg University will receive a financial boost of up to € 50,000 from NWO. Tilburg University also supports making scientific publications and educational materials publicly available, for example by establishing the Open Science Community Tilburg.

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High stress and loneliness among students: insight, tips and initiatives

The majority of students in higher education experience psychological symptoms as anxiety and depression. This is evident from the mental health and substance use monitor from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Unfortunately a recognizable picture for Tilburg University, says Vice-Rector Magnificus Jantine Schuit. The university is developing various initiatives to improve the situation.

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Reactions to Climate Change Summit COP26: Too little, too late, small steps only

Will the climate change deal of COP26 get us anywhere? Tilburg researchers agree that the results do not match the urgency of the problems, that are getting bigger and bigger. After examining the small print, they have discovered a few bright spots: procedures have been agreed to keep countries more focused. However, the Dutch government and the EU need to make every effort, and soon, too. The problem of climate change can only be solved collectively.

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Documentary on Prof. Jan Blommaert: masterclass for the critical intellectual

Prof. Jan Blommaert (TSHD) was a gifted speaker as well as a renowned and inspiring scholar who made his presence in the social debate felt loud and clear. The documentary on his thoughts 'Woord X Macht X Strijd' premiered on November 16.

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Joint Statement of Scientific Integrity

R. Gowricharn supervised a PhD completed in 2018. In 2019, the Scientific Integrity Committee issued an advisory report to the Executive Board of Tilburg University on the scientific quality of the dissertation and its creation. R. Gowricharn accepts the critical remark of the Committee on Scientific Integrity about his responsibility as supervisor to induce the doctoral candidate to better frame qualifications. The parties have had a conversation about this. Tilburg University notes that according to the current Dutch Code of Conduct for Scientific Integrity 2018, there has been no violation of scientific integrity by R. Gowricharn.


Tilburg University lauded as Most Sustainably Improved University

In its GreenMetric ranking, Universitas Indonesia (UI) has ranked Tilburg University as the Most Sustainably Improved University. In just one year, Tilburg University has improved its ranking from 221st to 80th, earning it the title of ‘Most Sustainably Improved University’.

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Tilburg University to launch multidisciplinary expertise center on support for EU policy

Tilburg University will set up a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for European Values (CoEV) to more fully understand popular support for EU policy. This matters, because to many Europeans it is unclear what exactly ‘Europe’ does for them. And policymakers often grasp only imperfectly what matters to citizens. CoEV kicks off at the European Values Conference in Brussels and Tilburg from May 9 through 11, 2022.

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Statement suspended promotion

An opinion was published on the Univers website about a recent defense of a PhD thesis where the doctorate was not awarded. Not granting a doctorate after a public defense is very unusual. We regret this very unexpected and disappointing outcome for all concerned and in particular for the PhD candidate involved. In close consultation with the graduate school, the PhD supervisors and the PhD candidate, the PhD candidate will be supervised in preparing for another defense opportunity.

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