The Tilburg University Fund Foundation supports various educational projects of Tilburg University that fall outside the regular funding. 

Sustainable Development Goals

A number of these projects contribute substantially to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)(new window). The specific SDGs are listed for each project.

Donations and grants

We have been able to contribute to the funding for the following projects thanks to one-off, regular, and large donations to the University Fund. For each project, we indicate how much was donated to the project, or when the grant was provided through donations from the phone campaign. We also state how much grant has been paid out.

Donations received

Grants awarded

Named fund

Pre-Bachelor's program for refugees



Ambitious, young refugees do not always have the opportunity to develop their talents and pursue their dreams in the integration courses offered in the Netherlands. This is frustrating and demoralizing for them, but it is also a wasted opportunity for society, because we miss out on their talent. Therefore, in 2017 Tilburg University introduced a pre-Bachelor’s program for refugee students enabling talented young people to simultaneously complete their integration courses and prepare for higher education. Graduates of the program have already been accepted into various schools at Tilburg University, but also to other universities across the Netherlands. The success of such programs has also been recognized by the Dutch government. New integration legislation will include a study pathway incorporating a pre-Bachelor’s program as a standard component. This will help even more refugees to pursue their dreams of university education and make progress in their lives. Tilburg University is collaborating in this area with Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Agreements have already been made with various municipalities throughout Brabant to offer the study pathway under this new law. And more will follow. In the meantime, our own program continues, with the fifth cohort of 18 students starting in September 2021. 

Outreaching Program




Excellence in citizenship is the central focus of the Outreaching Honors Program. Students are challenged to apply scientific knowledge in ways that address the themes and problems facing society. In addition, they gain international experience and are prepared to pursue top-flight, socially engaged careers. The program comprises various modules on themes such as leadership, partnership, and socially responsible entrepreneurship. The year 2021 was again marked by coronavirus and the consequences of the pandemic. This prompted the Outreaching program to admit more students than normal (around 80 participants in 20/21 and 100 in 21/22) and to offer as much flexibility as possible for individual choices and particularly online opportunities. There was also a greater focus on student welfare, because we noticed that students were suffering greatly from the limited social contact. To a greater extent than in previous years, the opportunities we offered were in the field of self-help.

Marienburg Campus Fund


Thanks to the scholarship I have the tools to fulfill my dream. The financial support enables me to learn about the latest technological trends in relation to data analysis and transparent value creation.

Diane Aliaga Aliaga (29), Peru, Master’s in Data Science & Entrepreneurship 


Named fund


The Marienburg Campus Fund was established in 2019 as a named fund within the University Fund. This fund supports international students who have the talent but lack the means to study at JADS. It continues the tradition of transmitting learning and knowledge that the Sisters of the Society of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph began in 1825. In 2021 two students from Iran and Peru received a scholarship, and a student from Mexico also received a scholarship for her second academic year. A fourth student, originally from Eritrea, had also been awarded a scholarship, but has not yet been able to start the program due to coronavirus restrictions.