Have a Seat

The Have a Seat scholarship program is a wonderful initiative that connects our donors with the Tilburg University campus. Donors adopt a seat in CUBE, the largest lecture hall on campus, and literally provide support for talented students. When you adopt a seat, we attach a plaque with your name. There is even room to add a quote. Seats are adopted for a minimum of five years for a fixed amount of €50 per year. 

In 2021 we began to revamp the Have a Seat website, further enhancing the visibility of the Have a Seat scholarship program. The website www.tilburguniversity.edu/haveaseat(new window) even enables students to get in touch with the donors whose seat they have been occupying while attending lectures. The proceeds of the Have a Seat scholarship program are used to support students in developing their talents:

  • Students who encounter difficulties as a result of extreme external circumstances and need a small financial contribution to complete their studies (Emergency Fund).

  • Talented top-level student athletes who need financial support to attend an event or program abroad.

  • International students who would like to take a Master’s program in Tilburg, but could not afford it without help.

Number of adoptions:

  • 29 seats adopted in 2021

  • 292 seats adopted in total 

Scholarships in 2021:

  • 8 top-level sports scholarships: €4,000

  • 1 Master’s scholarship


As an alumna it’s good to give something back to your university(new window)

Claire Brentjens-van Gorp & Marion Rutgers-Doggen