Phone campaign

We have been contacting our alumni personally in phone campaigns since 2009. We do this with a group of enthusiastic students from the University. Over the year many wonderful conversations took place, ranging from “Does Professor X still give such fascinating lectures?” to “Why don’t you come and do your internship with me?” Students also update the alumni about developments at the University, the facilities we offer alumni and how they can support talent as a volunteer. During the phone campaign we also ask alumni to make a contribution to the annual fund. The donations are used for education and research projects and scholarships for students. In this way, the network of engaged alumni supplies vital lifeblood to the University Fund. Donations large and small have an enormous impact. Giving together makes the difference! 


Inspiring conversations about how the time at the University helped the alumni get where they are today. What motivates me to call is enthusiasm about the University, the University Fund and the sense of connection.

Jelle Klip

Calls in 2021

In 2021 our students called 1,342 alumni. And for the first time not only during phone campaigns with a group of students in a specific period. Student Jelle Knip made calls to alumni throughout the year. Many valued the contact and the call. A total of 508 alumni decided to donate, 142 of whom donated to the University Fund for the first time. We are extremely grateful for the warm response to our appeal. By making a donation, alumni contribute personally to important research, support educational innovation, and give students the opportunity to study. A total of €148,368 was pledged. This enabled us to disburse €101,285.00 from the annual fund to a number of projects and scholarship students in 2021.