The year 2021 in figures


(1927-2021): 82,826

International alumni: 9,021

138 nationalities

Degrees in 2021

  • PhD degrees: 112

  • Master’s degrees 3,751

  • Bachelor’s degrees 2,168

  • Post-Master’s degrees 51


Number of donors in 2021: 1,423

Total number of donors since the establishment of the University Fund in 2008: 5,898

Donations in 2021:

  • < €500: 1,352

  • €500 - €2,000: 55

  • >€2,000: 16

  • Largest donation: €100,000

Total donations in 2021: €441,227

  • Phone campaigns: €151,092

  • Have a Seat: €16,289

  • Christmas fundraiser: €801

  • Other: €273,045

More than 2,600 hours spent by 305 volunteers

  • Members of boards and committees: 115

  • Mentors: 260

  • Number of Coaches/Career Café coaches: 46

Data according to alumni database on April 1, 2022

Despite the coronavirus crisis, many of our alumni volunteered their services for the University in 2021, and some of them did so in more ways than one. For example, alumni contribute as coaches or mentors, members of the Alumni Panel take part in our research by replying to surveys, and alumni give us feedback and volunteer to give guest lectures for our students. Many alumni also work in alumni associations and student recruitment, among other things.

Tilburg University

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